Are you a foodie and Still want to stay On the Road of Fitness? Here is how you can!

All kinds of people exist in this world, there are people who just eat to live and there also comes a category where people live to eat. If you belong to the second category of people who are living to eat but don’t want to get in a trap of unhealthy lifestyle, then this article is for you! After spending hardworking hour at gym, you of course would not want to let that hard work go into drain. But because food is life, you also don’t want to live without it. Stuck? Let us get you out of this.

You only need to know about few healthy and yummy post healthy workout eats. Following are some of your favorite post work out dishes that will not only help you stay on the track but fill your tummy leaving luscious taste on your tongue.

Grab A Smoothie to fill your not so hungry stomach.  Nothing hits the right spot after a sweaty workout like a refreshing smoothie.  Depending on your workout lifestyle you can choose to have smoothie and treat you your taste buds with supper awesome ingredients.  If you are on a strength training session, you should have smoothie with Greek yogurt along with anti inflammatory ingredients such as ginger.  Or if you are on endurance workouts, smoothie made from citrus fruits like oranges will help. It will get your hydration level up. Addition of a banana and spirulina will be perfect if you are on a vegan diet.

Try A Veggie filled omelet if you are fond of working out in the morning.  All of us know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, if you are working out in the morning; make sure there is good amount of protein in your plate. Order omelet packed with vegetables like bell papers, spinach, mushrooms, and kale.  Addition of other nutrients like fiber and iron can make your tummy go wow! Switch it up with a Persian herb Kuku, a Middle Eastern egg dish that is packed with ingredients known to have health properties like walnuts, caynne, and turmeric.

Time to carb up if you love to run! Adding carbs to your diet is just like adding bitterness to your food. Well that’s a misconception; all carbs are not bad and most importantly carbs can be good depending on how you consume it. Surprisingly, Carbs can help you rebuild muscles after a hard run at gym. Remember a good thumb rule is the 2:1 carb to protein ratio.

Stay hydrated is very important! No matter what sort of activity you perform, it is highly important for you to stay hydrated all day. Staying hydrated will not only help you keep your performance high but help you stay in shape. Having water with you all the time help you keep cool.  You can also choose to have natural pressed juices or chilled coconut water, they are yummy and really healthy.

Consuming a smoothie or meal within two hours of your workout will allow your body to recover faster and better.  Whether you are lifting for your life or running finish line, make sure your tummy is filled with right yet yummy diet because at the end food is life and this is what we are living for!

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Over the past few years, some of the leading jewelers have categorized chocolate diamonds as the latest trend in the industry. This is true because endless number of women are now opting for chocolate diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Chocolate diamonds are basically brown diamonds, possessing deep hues of brown. The term was joined by Le Vian Corporation in an effort to brand their diamonds. Le Vian mines their chocolate diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia. The diamonds occur inside the earth and are not man-made.

Are people adopting this new diamond color?

Certainly, yes! Although few years back, many people still regarded white diamonds to be the only type of diamond available. The idea and trends have, however, changed drastically. Nowadays, women prefer the uniqueness of Le Vian’s designs, the deep brown color to complement their attire and skin and the low price tag that follows with chocolate diamond jewelry.

Chocolate diamond jewelry

Chocolate diamond jewelry is the new FAD in the ornament industry. After a number of celebrities endorsed chocolate diamond jewelry by wearing it to different small and big events, the trend has only alleviated higher. Women took inspiration from celebrities and are now getting their own custom designs made. With Le Vian, uniqueness is attained, and personalization stays atop.

Why chocolate diamond rings are loved by women?

The most captivating and eye-catching of all the chocolate diamond jewelries available are the chocolate diamond rings. The reason why these rings have captured the market by storm is that people used to buy white diamond rings for their engagement, wedding and as a gift to their partner. With chocolate diamond rings, not only budget is met but the beautiful designs serve as cherry on top. Let’s have a look at some of the major reasons why women all across the world are going gaga over these rings.

  • Intricate

Women love intricacy, specially when they are in the form of jewelry. Chocolate diamond rings are very delicate and made with utmost precision. The intricacy allows them to give a subtle feel on the finger and make it look breath-taking.

  • Different

Because of the chocolate diamond’s desirable brown color, the rings become very attractive and complement the designs extremely well.

  • Mesmerizing designs

Le Vian’s design team puts in tireless effort in coming up with stunning designs and cuts that are bound to stall eyes. Chocolate diamond rings never become common because the designs are all different and unique.

  • Inexpensive

As compared to white diamonds, these are available in fraction of the price. Who wouldn’t like a beautiful ring with a diamond shining on top in a cheaper price, right?

Stunning chocolate diamond rings

Get bespoke and stunning chocolate diamonds rings to flaunt on any big or small occasion. With Le Vian’s unique offerings and stunning designs and cuts, we ensure that your ring will become the star of the show. Visit our store and choose the best design to suit your occasion.


How To Get More Out Of Your Educational App?

Educational Software applications are adequate courseware(s) that are commonly designed to improve academia performances and encourage the ability to grasp and comprehend information.
Sadly, not all individuals learn the same way and the scalability in understanding and comprehending pieces of information are vast and depends on the method in which it is being taught in. It’s quite normal to find yourself excited about an education application, yet you may be unaware of the fact that you may not be using the educational app at its full potential. In the post we will be discussing some of the best ways you can implement in order to get the most out of your educational app!

If you are interested in using an application that may serve as a multi-networking system, then the first thing you ought to do is configure your settings so that you have all your children and young adults opt into session. In order to sync everyone in, you simply first download the desired application and the secondary application, which is also known as the user-interface (children version of the app) and the primary application would serve as the administrator (you / parent).

After when you have downloaded the admin interface into your device and your kids have downloaded the secondary interfaces of the education application, in your admin panel you should be able to have a smart view of all your students (your children) in one single view mode. By doing this, you will know whom is available and whom is away.

(Image Accredited by: Griffith Education AU)

The second thing you can do is block your children’s favorite app, ideally you want to select the app that you child loves the most. Once you have blocked all the applications that your children adore, your kid(s) will not be able to access those applications until they complete certain tasks. These tasks can be assigned by you, or by a tutor whom may have identified your kid(s) strengths and weaknesses in regards to the academia performances. This action promotes disciplinary actions that can result your child to excel in their studying skills. If the child consistently fails at a certain question, topic or problems, further evaluations and tutoring sessions should be sought and followed through carefully.

Build a reporting system that help you understand the curriculum activities that your child involves him / herself in, by doing so, will help you keep track of your child’s daily progress and daily accomplishments. Only after when a task is completed the child can get access to their favorite app(s).

(Image Accredited by: HechingerReport)

Involve the child’s teacher and the school system, inform them about the education application and the intended purpose. Ideally you can even make the teachers admin for the app, that way your teachers can provide you feedback as far as how they are performing. Sometimes, children work sufficiently in different environments than compared to the environments that is given at home. If this is the case, try different combinations of implementing new environments or one that is similar from their schools. Get the inside scoop of how teachers integrate study systems and reading sessions, similarly try to implement the same.

Lastly, summarize all your kids’ reports, both from the school systems and the tutoring sessions from the education application. Compare and determine if the education app is working for your child or not, sometimes it may not be the system in which it is teaching in, rather it may be the poor design of the academia application itself. If you think that the application is the problem, try to evaluate and review some of the feedbacks that users commonly provide for user’s education application usage experience, in order that you, as a parent, can make a better decision for your kid(s) academia tutoring app selection and studying sessions.






The era has gone when the App store comprised of only 500 apps! App stores, nowadays, have billions of apps and the user of today has got numerous options to choose from. The best mobile app marketing companies rely heavily on the usage of a comprehensive and well-rounded mobile app marketing strategy that includes both pre and post-launch tasks. Best strategies are those which are inclusive of organic as well as paid mediums of marketing.

As the number of total apps in the app stores increase, the challenges for the app marketers have taken the shape of a wide bumpy road to conquer. While some lucky overnight successes may come up every now and then, having a kick-ass mobile app marketing plan is imperative to the successful working of any app. If your next venture is to come up with a brilliant app, ponder over our carefully prepared list of pre and post launch failures to avoid, improving chances of success of your business.


  • Lack of marketing research

Research is the key for any business operating in this global marketplace. Being known to what the key players in your app’s category are, can help you identify what the consumer dynamics are and what features customer prefer. This can also give you an idea as to how such apps are named, the categories they are targeting, the keywords they are using to stay atop, etc.

Successful mobile app marketing depends on great customer reviews. This can also be used as a marketing tool where you can scrutinize the competitor’s customers reviews to have a clear picture of all the good and bad comments.

  • Lack of a feedback loop

Getting a first-hand feedback from the target audience is extremely important. Once an app is designed, a lot of app marketing companies test the app gauging the team’s reviews rather than the actual target audience. This is one of the biggest pitfalls and should be avoided. Beta testing, which is the first real-life testing from the target customer, must be performed.

  • Absence of strong marketing

Developing and releasing your app may sound like the most crucial part, helping your app to be discovered is no less important. Mobile app marketing strategies must be placed since the beginning and incorporated into the business idea from scratch.


  • Focusing more on organic form of marketing

While spending some money to get your first few downloads is understandable but relying only on paid sources can prove to be detrimental in the long run. In the long form, paid advertisement should focus on user engagement and retention more.

  • Lousy customer support

In this competitive market, every user must be treated individually and with utmost care to foster long-term relationship. Almost all mobile app marketing companies focus on enhancing their customer service to ensure customers stay loyal.

The app world is continuously evolving and to stay atop of the game, these common mobile app marketing pitfalls must be avoided to increase chances of success.

Facebook Ad placement: how, when, where

When it comes to Facebook marketing, this particular social media platform offers its advertisers different ad locations on the screen. Each of these locations is anything but random. Each supports a certain type of ad, campaign goal, and audience. Unsurprisingly, the pricing for each placement varies too.

When you click on facebook’s Creating Ad option, you will be led to a list of options. Amongst these, you will find nestled in between an Ad Placements option. Clicking on this will further lead you to detailed placement options.

With some further navigation you will notice these main placements for Facebook ads:

  1. Desktop newsfeed

As the name suggests, this type of ad placement will make sure your ad appears with posts of user’s Facebook friends as they scroll down to browse the newsfeed.

Most of the paid social ads are placed on desktop and mobile newsfeed, but this placement is a must when the user doesn’t need to take a straightforward path.

Furthermore, if you want greater engagement and reaction, this option is the right way to go.

  1. Desktop right-hand side column

In this placement, the ad doesn’t disappear when the user scrolls down the page. Your ad will remain there.

This particular location is subtle and less invasive than the center of the feed, but on the other hand, it has the lowest click-through rates.

This placement can be made effective when paired with other placements.

  1. Mobile newsfeed

Smartphones account for just over 95% of devices facebook is used on, according to this statistic. It comes as no surprise that this is the most popular placement.

In fact, in a research done to find out the cost per like, mobile ads had the lowest cost per like. So if you want to get the maximum amount of likes, mobile newsfeed is the way to go.

What makes mobile newsfeed placement even popular is that it supports the greatest number of advertising objective one would want.

We recommend this option if you want to achieve as many objectives as possible with just a single position.

  1. Audience network

This option places your ad on a network of publisher-owned apps and sites. It aims at increasing the brand awareness and visibility since it allows users to extend their campaigns beyond the scope of Facebook.

Audience network is specific to the following objective:

  1. Clicks to website
  2. Conversions
  • Video views
  1. App installs
  2. Video only engagement
  3. Creating brand awareness

The different ad types include native, interstitial, banner, rewarded video, and in-stream video.

If you want to prevent your ad from appearing on certain sites, you can do so by blocking them. Audience network is known to have the lowest click conversion rates.

Flowers, their symbolism, and how to get flower delivery

Giving flowers to your lovers, spouses, and beloved female relatives is a common and cherished social convention. Almost all flowers have some sort of meaning associated with them. Perhaps, the reason why US flower industry is worth a booming $7500 000 000.

Whether it is ordering flowers from a flower delivery app or going to the shop in person, buying flowers is something most people cannot resist. The reason is clear: flowers are natural soothers and a gesture of affection. Each flower symbolizes something and has a meaning behind it, as mentioned. While most flowers symbolize all positive emotions and characteristics such as love, positivity, loyalty, some have slightly negative meanings too.

Find out what these most common flowers symbolize so that the next time you have a flower delivery, you are more aware.


A white Lilly symbolizes things such as purity, virginity, and modesty. Orange lily represents passion, while yellow lily happiness, exhilaration.


These flowers symbolize young innocence and the confidence that accompanies it. White lilac means humility, while purple ones symbolize first love.
Great flower to send to your childhood sweethearts.


This flower is the symbolism of levity. On another note, it also symbolizes inconsistency and arrogance.


A purple iris symbolizes wisdom and praise, while a blue symbolizes faith and optimism. Yellow iris is for passion and white for being untainted.


It is used to symbolize a sporty nature and playfulness; on extreme it may symbolize rashness. A blue hyacinth on the other had means steadiness, and purple for sorrow. On a darker note, yellow hyacinth stands for jealousy.

Do’s And Don’ts For A Successful Email Deliverability

Anyone in the email marketing space will know about Email Deliverability and its importance. If your subscribers do not receive the email sent to them then your plans for the growth of your business will not work. Email verification can help increase the rate of deliverability and makes your marketing stay strong.

Taking a few important steps to make sure that your subscribers get the email intended for them is called healthy deliverability. Here are your Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Do Get An Email Verification

You wouldn’t know what is hiding in your email list unless you get it checked. Invalid emails are ticking bombs which will affect your deliverability sooner or later. Get email address verification. Stop putting your deliverability at risk right away.

  • Don’t Use A Single Option List

A single option list is a list in which subscribers are added immediately without any confirmation. This is an easy way to add subscribers, but increases the chances of spam accounts, dead accounts, and malicious attacks. Bad quality data is one of the very leading barriers to effective email marketing. This report by Econsultancy will give you all the hard facts.

Usage of double-opt list where a confirmation email is sent right after signing up will give you a clean list from the start.

  • Don’t Send Emails To Dead Accounts

Dead accounts can act as spam traps and it is better to have a small list with real users rather than a large list with spam and malicious accounts.

If you are in the email marketing business you will know about Hard and Soft bounce and you can distinguish an email address of a real person and ISP by using a good email verification service to prevent these bounces from happening.

Don’t forget to analyze and monitor your bounce rates to make better decisions about your email marketing strategy as explained by salesfusion.

  • Do Use A Separate Domain

If you use one of the free domain email addresses such as (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) you will not be able to gain trust of your subscribers and the Internet Service Providers will automatically add your email in the junk folder.

Instead, you can use an official company address and make it clear of who you are and who you represent.  Get yourself a very own domain or a sub-domain that subscribers are most likely to read and expect.

  • Don’t Use Spam-y Words

Some words are known for prompting the spam filter and restrain your email from entering the inboxes. These words can reduce your rate of deliverability and they can be in the subject or in the body of the email. Stay away from words such as “free”, “Cash”, “Credit” etc.

The Best Travelling Apps To Install On Your Phone

Whether you are workaholic person or a couch potato, your smartphone is an irreplaceable part of your life. When it comes to planning a trip, especially to a new city or town, you can’t just plan anything without the assistance of your phone. Your pocket computer (smartphone) is actually your companion and can help you plan a hassle-free and memorable trip by providing you quick and handy information in an unacquainted surroundings.

If you have got the right travelling apps installed in your phone then looking for local hotels, restaurants, clubs and beaches is absolutely not a problem. If you are not aware of the best travelling apps available on Google play store and Apple App store then read on to find out about the best travelling apps that can help you make a wonderful trip to any destination in the world.

You can also look at How Apps Can Make Your Vacation Better – The New York Times for further information.


Hotel Tonight

There are thousands of apps out there to book hotels but not all of them can help you book the right place to stay. What makes Hoteltonight better than other apps out there? There are two major components that contribute towards making it stand out among the rest. First is the supreme quality of its hotels and second are the bargains they offer. The app sort out the hotels based on your budget and the level of luxury you want, moreover, it handles your payment and booking once you are assigned to a nearby hotel with vacant rooms. The app is extremely helpful to get you the last minute hotel deals.

Learn more about hotel tonight at About – Hotel Tonight


City mapper


Next on our list is “Citymapper.” As the name suggests city and map, the app works to help you get instant locations of your desired destination. You can use city mapper to navigate many cities and countries all around the world. We know that a general location app or Google maps can also do that but sometimes a devoted app allows you to enjoy more features than an ordinary app.

Surely, you can get public transit information from any general location app but an app like citymapper helps you build your connections and find your transportation while you are in the middle of the journey.

Find further features of City mapper at


Dark Sky

When you are staying in a new city, you will definitely like to know how the weather is going to be in the next hour. To have 99% accurate weather forecast of any city, there can be nothing better than downloading Darksky in your phone. So when making your travelling checklist, keep Darksky app on the top. The app provides you with detailed information about rain, temperature, and humidity.


Amazon Kindle

Let amazon kindle be your travelling partner. With just one app, you can save much space in your luggage that you would otherwise fill with books and readers. This e-reader can be your best companion in any tiring journey and also allows you to read your favorite books offline.

Head out

Think about arriving at a strange place with unpacked bags. What will be your next step? You will definitely look for your destination. But don’t forget that some cities are busier than you can even imagine. In an unknown city, it is also dangerous to let a stranger guide you. But with head out app, you wont have to look for a stranger to help you. Just download this app in your phone before you leave for your trip and find events in your current location without any hassle. Head out is undoubtedly the best way to find out what’s happening in a any city.