The Best Travelling Apps To Install On Your Phone

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Whether you are workaholic person or a couch potato, your smartphone is an irreplaceable part of your life. When it comes to planning a trip, especially to a new city or town, you can’t just plan anything without the assistance of your phone. Your pocket computer (smartphone) is actually your companion and can help you plan a hassle-free and memorable trip by providing you quick and handy information in an unacquainted surroundings.

If you have got the right travelling apps installed in your phone then looking for local hotels, restaurants, clubs and beaches is absolutely not a problem. If you are not aware of the best travelling apps available on Google play store and Apple App store then read on to find out about the best travelling apps that can help you make a wonderful trip to any destination in the world.

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Hotel Tonight

There are thousands of apps out there to book hotels but not all of them can help you book the right place to stay. What makes Hoteltonight better than other apps out there? There are two major components that contribute towards making it stand out among the rest. First is the supreme quality of its hotels and second are the bargains they offer. The app sort out the hotels based on your budget and the level of luxury you want, moreover, it handles your payment and booking once you are assigned to a nearby hotel with vacant rooms. The app is extremely helpful to get you the last minute hotel deals.

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City mapper


Next on our list is “Citymapper.” As the name suggests city and map, the app works to help you get instant locations of your desired destination. You can use city mapper to navigate many cities and countries all around the world. We know that a general location app or Google maps can also do that but sometimes a devoted app allows you to enjoy more features than an ordinary app.

Surely, you can get public transit information from any general location app but an app like citymapper helps you build your connections and find your transportation while you are in the middle of the journey.

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Dark Sky

When you are staying in a new city, you will definitely like to know how the weather is going to be in the next hour. To have 99% accurate weather forecast of any city, there can be nothing better than downloading Darksky in your phone. So when making your travelling checklist, keep Darksky app on the top. The app provides you with detailed information about rain, temperature, and humidity.


Amazon Kindle

Let amazon kindle be your travelling partner. With just one app, you can save much space in your luggage that you would otherwise fill with books and readers. This e-reader can be your best companion in any tiring journey and also allows you to read your favorite books offline.

Head out

Think about arriving at a strange place with unpacked bags. What will be your next step? You will definitely look for your destination. But don’t forget that some cities are busier than you can even imagine. In an unknown city, it is also dangerous to let a stranger guide you. But with head out app, you wont have to look for a stranger to help you. Just download this app in your phone before you leave for your trip and find events in your current location without any hassle. Head out is undoubtedly the best way to find out what’s happening in a any city.


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