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The era has gone when the App store comprised of only 500 apps! App stores, nowadays, have billions of apps and the user of today has got numerous options to choose from. The best mobile app marketing companies rely heavily on the usage of a comprehensive and well-rounded mobile app marketing strategy that includes both pre and post-launch tasks. Best strategies are those which are inclusive of organic as well as paid mediums of marketing.

As the number of total apps in the app stores increase, the challenges for the app marketers have taken the shape of a wide bumpy road to conquer. While some lucky overnight successes may come up every now and then, having a kick-ass mobile app marketing plan is imperative to the successful working of any app. If your next venture is to come up with a brilliant app, ponder over our carefully prepared list of pre and post launch failures to avoid, improving chances of success of your business.


  • Lack of marketing research

Research is the key for any business operating in this global marketplace. Being known to what the key players in your app’s category are, can help you identify what the consumer dynamics are and what features customer prefer. This can also give you an idea as to how such apps are named, the categories they are targeting, the keywords they are using to stay atop, etc.

Successful mobile app marketing depends on great customer reviews. This can also be used as a marketing tool where you can scrutinize the competitor’s customers reviews to have a clear picture of all the good and bad comments.

  • Lack of a feedback loop

Getting a first-hand feedback from the target audience is extremely important. Once an app is designed, a lot of app marketing companies test the app gauging the team’s reviews rather than the actual target audience. This is one of the biggest pitfalls and should be avoided. Beta testing, which is the first real-life testing from the target customer, must be performed.

  • Absence of strong marketing

Developing and releasing your app may sound like the most crucial part, helping your app to be discovered is no less important. Mobile app marketing strategies must be placed since the beginning and incorporated into the business idea from scratch.


  • Focusing more on organic form of marketing

While spending some money to get your first few downloads is understandable but relying only on paid sources can prove to be detrimental in the long run. In the long form, paid advertisement should focus on user engagement and retention more.

  • Lousy customer support

In this competitive market, every user must be treated individually and with utmost care to foster long-term relationship. Almost all mobile app marketing companies focus on enhancing their customer service to ensure customers stay loyal.

The app world is continuously evolving and to stay atop of the game, these common mobile app marketing pitfalls must be avoided to increase chances of success.

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