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Over the past few years, some of the leading jewelers have categorized chocolate diamonds as the latest trend in the industry. This is true because endless number of women are now opting for chocolate diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Chocolate diamonds are basically brown diamonds, possessing deep hues of brown. The term was joined by Le Vian Corporation in an effort to brand their diamonds. Le Vian mines their chocolate diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia. The diamonds occur inside the earth and are not man-made.

Are people adopting this new diamond color?

Certainly, yes! Although few years back, many people still regarded white diamonds to be the only type of diamond available. The idea and trends have, however, changed drastically. Nowadays, women prefer the uniqueness of Le Vian’s designs, the deep brown color to complement their attire and skin and the low price tag that follows with chocolate diamond jewelry.

Chocolate diamond jewelry

Chocolate diamond jewelry is the new FAD in the ornament industry. After a number of celebrities endorsed chocolate diamond jewelry by wearing it to different small and big events, the trend has only alleviated higher. Women took inspiration from celebrities and are now getting their own custom designs made. With Le Vian, uniqueness is attained, and personalization stays atop.

Why chocolate diamond rings are loved by women?

The most captivating and eye-catching of all the chocolate diamond jewelries available are the chocolate diamond rings. The reason why these rings have captured the market by storm is that people used to buy white diamond rings for their engagement, wedding and as a gift to their partner. With chocolate diamond rings, not only budget is met but the beautiful designs serve as cherry on top. Let’s have a look at some of the major reasons why women all across the world are going gaga over these rings.

  • Intricate

Women love intricacy, specially when they are in the form of jewelry. Chocolate diamond rings are very delicate and made with utmost precision. The intricacy allows them to give a subtle feel on the finger and make it look breath-taking.

  • Different

Because of the chocolate diamond’s desirable brown color, the rings become very attractive and complement the designs extremely well.

  • Mesmerizing designs

Le Vian’s design team puts in tireless effort in coming up with stunning designs and cuts that are bound to stall eyes. Chocolate diamond rings never become common because the designs are all different and unique.

  • Inexpensive

As compared to white diamonds, these are available in fraction of the price. Who wouldn’t like a beautiful ring with a diamond shining on top in a cheaper price, right?

Stunning chocolate diamond rings

Get bespoke and stunning chocolate diamonds rings to flaunt on any big or small occasion. With Le Vian’s unique offerings and stunning designs and cuts, we ensure that your ring will become the star of the show. Visit our store and choose the best design to suit your occasion.

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