Are you a foodie and Still want to stay On the Road of Fitness? Here is how you can!

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All kinds of people exist in this world, there are people who just eat to live and there also comes a category where people live to eat. If you belong to the second category of people who are living to eat but don’t want to get in a trap of unhealthy lifestyle, then this article is for you! After spending hardworking hour at gym, you of course would not want to let that hard work go into drain. But because food is life, you also don’t want to live without it. Stuck? Let us get you out of this.

You only need to know about few healthy and yummy post healthy workout eats. Following are some of your favorite post work out dishes that will not only help you stay on the track but fill your tummy leaving luscious taste on your tongue.

Grab A Smoothie to fill your not so hungry stomach.  Nothing hits the right spot after a sweaty workout like a refreshing smoothie.  Depending on your workout lifestyle you can choose to have smoothie and treat you your taste buds with supper awesome ingredients.  If you are on a strength training session, you should have smoothie with Greek yogurt along with anti inflammatory ingredients such as ginger.  Or if you are on endurance workouts, smoothie made from citrus fruits like oranges will help. It will get your hydration level up. Addition of a banana and spirulina will be perfect if you are on a vegan diet.

Try A Veggie filled omelet if you are fond of working out in the morning.  All of us know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, if you are working out in the morning; make sure there is good amount of protein in your plate. Order omelet packed with vegetables like bell papers, spinach, mushrooms, and kale.  Addition of other nutrients like fiber and iron can make your tummy go wow! Switch it up with a Persian herb Kuku, a Middle Eastern egg dish that is packed with ingredients known to have health properties like walnuts, caynne, and turmeric.

Time to carb up if you love to run! Adding carbs to your diet is just like adding bitterness to your food. Well that’s a misconception; all carbs are not bad and most importantly carbs can be good depending on how you consume it. Surprisingly, Carbs can help you rebuild muscles after a hard run at gym. Remember a good thumb rule is the 2:1 carb to protein ratio.

Stay hydrated is very important! No matter what sort of activity you perform, it is highly important for you to stay hydrated all day. Staying hydrated will not only help you keep your performance high but help you stay in shape. Having water with you all the time help you keep cool.  You can also choose to have natural pressed juices or chilled coconut water, they are yummy and really healthy.

Consuming a smoothie or meal within two hours of your workout will allow your body to recover faster and better.  Whether you are lifting for your life or running finish line, make sure your tummy is filled with right yet yummy diet because at the end food is life and this is what we are living for!

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